Dr. Craig Metzner founded Western Sussex Animal Hospital in 2012 in order to fulfill his dream of offering a quality veterinary experience for the pets and people he calls his friends and neighbors. Craig believes that a veterinarian should always strive to be an advocate for those that cannot speak for themselves. In an attempt to shake off the growing trend of being more concerned with profits than pets, Dr. Metzner and his staff adhere to a few core values. These values are the cornerstone of his practice and will fuel an exceptional staff to give your pet the best veterinary experience possible.

We at Western Sussex Animal Hospital are part of our community. We know that our friends and neighbors trust us with the care of their pets, their family members. We are glad to have the opportunity to serve our clients and promote a long healthy relationship between them and their pet. We will strive to sympathize and appreciate every situation as an opportunity to help our clients when they and their pets need us the most.

We seek to provide comprehensive high quality veterinary care with emphasis on exceptional client and patient service, while providing employees with desirable, mentally fulfilling employment.

We seek to provide advanced medical and surgical diagnostics and procedures for our patients. We will strive to provide the best possible veterinary experience for our clients.

We will take comfort in the knowledge that we all share a common love of animals, that we are caring people, and that we want the best for one other. We will foster a work environment free of deceit, judgment, and social drama. In that, we will be better able to serve our patients and clients, and continue to enjoy every aspect of our profession.